Friday, December 26, 2008

Plow me out first

Former Madison Mayor Paul Soglin complains snow plowing just ain't as good as when he was mayor. He then suggests, screw downtown, plow him out first.

Forget about plowing downtown. Bring the plows to the east, north, south and west sides where they can operate quickly and efficiently.

The next few weeks will become more miserable and difficult. Keep an eye on Gilman Street. It will become narrower with more ruts. Eventually money will be wasted when the city declares the entire area a no parking zone, all the cars will be towed, and the plows will be unleashed, again.

Plow my neighborhood by 8:00 am or at least 10:00 am.

Well, you knew he wasn't going to ride his bicycle in the snow, right? If you're looking for the mention of salt (and the lack thereof), yeah, it goes unmentioned.