Friday, December 26, 2008

Kennedy's problem is that she did not buy a senate seat

The Daily News is reporting Caroline Kennedy's claim on New York's open seante seat may be hindered by her lack of donations to various New York party organizations and candidates:

Caroline Kennedy's supporters say she could raise tons of money as a senator, but when it comes to writing checks to New York Democrats, she's been largely AWOL.

This decade, other than a $1,000 donation to City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, the Camelot heiress has not financially supported any Democrat seeking city or state office in New York, records reveal.

Some say Kennedy, who is worth at least $100 million, missed an opportunity to curry favor among Democratic pols to establish herself as a serious political player as she lobbies Gov. Paterson for Hillary Clinton's Senate seat.

She has already been asked to explain a spotty Election Day voting record over the past 20 years.

"Voting is the minimum thing that you can do, and she hasn't done that. The next thing you can do is you could donate money, and she hasn't done that," said Doug Muzzio, professor of public affairs at Baruch College.

"It calls into question her commitment to politics and to government."

In other words, when your only claim to public office is a grainy film of you at a funeral and the fortune you inherited, then perhaps you should find something else to do.