Thursday, December 11, 2008

If they ban parking junk cars on the lawn, how will I know I'm in South Milwaukee?

Watch out, concrete manufacturers. The sale of cinder blocks is about to decrease dramatically. South Milwaukee is banning parking cars on the lawn.

South Milwaukee residents now are prohibited from parking any type of vehicle — including trailers, mobile homes, motorcycles, cars and boats — on their lawns.

The new ordinance also limits the amount of a yard that can be paved and used for parking to 40 percent.

After hearing from four residents opposed to the issue and one in favor, the South Milwaukee Common Council voted 7-1 to pass the measure Dec. 2.

Council members in favor of the new rule said it will improve the look of the city’s neighborhoods, as well as better keep dangerous chemicals from seeping into the ground.

I think some dangerous chemicals seeped into the aldermen's brains, but that's another issue. Okay, nobody wants to live next to a nascent junk yard. But ban all lawn parking?

Residents opposed to the ordinance argued that the city should not dictate the use of privately owned lawns.

Council members responded by pointing out existing ordinances governing property appearance.

Resident Jeffrey Piastowski said short-term lawn parking should be allowed in areas with no street parking.

“Unless the city wants us to sit there and tear up half the front lawn and pour concrete, you know, there is no other alternative (to parking on the grass),” Piastowski said.

If South Milwaukee really wanted to deal with the problem, they should have just banned the sale of cinder blocks for uses other than the construction of a home or garage. While there would be a few diehards that would insist that when cinder blocks are outlawed only outlaws will have cinder blocks, it certainly beats banning boats and camping trailers.

Watch out, South Milwaukee. They'll be coming for your fire pits next.