Friday, December 05, 2008

Almost as good as visiting the North Pole

The annual Wigderson Christmas traditions march on. My wife and I took the children to see Santa Claus at Cuddles Hallmark in downtown Waukesha. Visiting with Santa at Cuddles is unlike the assembly-line mall experience. The children actually get to talk to Santa, and so do the parents.

The mall experience is a quick photo opportunity after a near-interminable wait in line. Like waiting for toilet paper in Moscow before the fall of Communism. Only the KGB was friendlier than the mall elves.

My son asked Santa for a zero-gravity car. My daughter asked for "everything pink." Both children hugged Santa and posed with him for a picture, and then hugged us, too.

After visiting with Santa, the Wigdersons boarded the minivan for an excursion to Candy Cane Lane to see the lights. It's a small donation to the MACC fund, and it beats driving aimlessly looking for houses lit up for the season. I noticed less lights this year, possibly the result of the economy and the early-but-persistent snow coverage. Still better than driving the subdivisions in the vain hope of finding the perfect combination of the secular and religious yard decorations necessary for a Quimby Award.

Finally a return home to hot chocolate and a quick admonishment to the children that Santa Claus is watching. "Brush your teeth and to bed with you. I have Santa's phone number!"