Monday, November 10, 2008

Precious Milwaukee fluids

Somebody forgot to send the Milwaukee Press Club the press release that many of those concerned about the future of Lake Michigan are not enthusiasts of bottled water. According to, the Milwaukee Press Club is bottling some Lake Michigan water as a promotional give-away and are actually having a contest to name the bottled water.

The commemorative bottles will be distributed at the City of Milwaukee Birthday Party, Jan. 27, 2009 at Discovery World.

In the meantime, the Press Club wants your help naming the water.

Among the sample name suggestions on the Club's Web site, include "Cream City Clear -- the cream of the crop" and "Wave of the Future - bottled at Milwaukee's well of knowledge."

Former Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writer and now environmental blogger Jim Rowen wrote about the "bottled water loophole" in the Great Lakes Water Compact, "Allowing unlimited diversion of Great Lakes water in plastic containers smaller than 5.7 gallon jugs is hardly a sustainability best-practice." He's not alone as this column in the Toronto Star makes clear.

Let's see, they're looking for a name. How about, "Just a drop in the lake?"