Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Let me get this straight. Wasserman is worried he lost in an unfair election?

Is there no limit to the size of the Wasserman's ego that he can't let go even after he lost by 1,990 votes?

However, some Wasserman backers are raising questions about whether all ballots in Shorewood included the contest.

Shorewood Village Clerk Sherry Grant said today all the ballots were identical and there were no problems; Lisa Weiner Milwaukee Election Commission administrator, said the ballots were either all correct or all wrong.

Weiner said no official demand to check the ballots has been made.

You realize the Wasserman campaign has a problem. If they take this election to court, their candidate cannot take the stand as a credible witness.

I think it would be a real trick for Wasserman (or any Democrat) to overcome 1,990 votes. If he wants any future in politics, somebody on his team needs to tell him to concede now rather than end up looking like Kathleen Falk.