Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Despite Obama's Spock-like ears, McCain claims Roswell alien endorsement

From where else? The Weekly World News:

BREAKING NEWS: McCain has proudly accepted the Alien’s endorsement!

ROSWELL, NM - At a political rally in the infamous Roswell area, Senator John McCain acknowledged and accepted the Alien’s endorsement for his presidential run.

The Arizona senator explained, “By the way, I have been here to Roswell before and I know about the alien landing. And I am pleased to announce that I have received the alien endorsement…and I am proud!”

While the Alien has not released an official response, insiders believe he is elated at McCain’s warm acceptance.

But will the Alien’s endorsement be enough to push McCain into victory? Stay tuned!

The impact of this alliance might be enough to put McCain over the top:

Swing state voters, who will decide this election, have the highest rate of alien abductions and UFO sightings and are known to vote in accordance with supernatural forces.