Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend with Sam Adams

Thought I would take a moment to quickly catch up from the weekend.

I spent Friday night and Saturday with a group of people interested in blogging at SamSphere Wisconsin. Thanks to the Sam Adams Alliance and Americans for Prosperity for sponsoring the event. I would especially like to than John Connors and Jayme Siemer for running the meeting.

(Jayme, don't let the Cowboys drag you down. We'll get through this.)

It's always interesting to me to see how many different walks of life lead people to be interested in blogging. As I've long been evidence, blogging isn't just for the tech geeks. It's cheap and easy, kinda like a joke about Cudahy. Hopefully we'll have a few new bloggers as a result of this weekend.

For those of you who weren't there, we discussed social networks, Twitter, the state of the Cheddarsphere, raw onions, and throwing cigarette butts at elected officials (you had to be there).

Of course, at every conference at least one speaker stands up and scares the heck out of the room. John Washburn of Washburn's World gave a great presentation on election integrity. One of the points John made was how those who approach the issue usually start off as partisan but as they get involved they discover some real non-partisan concerns about election integrity. John literally took us through the voting process (complete with machine) and the counting process. Think of the process as meat processing before Upton Sinclair.

The one thing John made sure we all understood, if it's inconvenient to the clerk, the law doesn't matter. If it's convenient to the clerk, then every i must be dotted, t must be crossed, and every note will followed with extreme ruthlessness.