Friday, October 17, 2008

Real beer goggles

Who needs booze? With these goggles you'll be ready to pick up any woman in the bar (provided she wears them, too).

On Oct. 13, the parking lot of the University of Delaware’s Carvel Research and Education Center, in Georgetown, was filled with swerving vehicles and employees walking a sobriety line.

Mike Love, a UD Cooperative Extension agent, and Merritt Burke, community traffic safety program coordinator, had invited their co-workers to try out a SIDNE® Go Kart and wear Fatal Vision Goggles, which simulate various levels of impairment that might be felt while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

“We wanted our colleagues to experience the anti-drinking and driving program tools and expose them to the community outreach we are doing.” Burke said.

That's right. Cheaper than a heavy bar tab and you're already looking much better. And wow, twins!

Roseann Ferri, a secretary at extension was first to volunteer as an impaired driver. Ferri drove the SIDNE and then, with impaired goggles, tried to shoot hoops with a child’s basketball set. She failed miserably. “I felt so disoriented,” Ferri said, “I kept seeing double.”

This could be bigger than eHarmony and combined.