Monday, August 18, 2008

Special BID meeting concerning Frame Park tonight

The Waukesha Business Improvement District is having a special meeting tonight 6:30 PM at the Rotunda. I'll be the big, bearded guy with the notebook if I can make it. I'm hoping the mayor will appoint me to the board.

Seriously though, it should be an interesting meeting and I would encourage the membership to ask a lot of direct questions. After all, much of the investment into Frame Park to this point was in part justified to help downtown. It would be a shame to see that thrown away for a future empty graffiti magnet.

I find it ironic that the BID completed a long-term strategic plan just as the mayor is proving with his plans for Frame Park that no long-term planning is safe in this community.

BID members may also want to consider the speed with which this is being pushed through. It's almost as if Drew Vallozzi was trying to build another hotel downtown.