Monday, July 28, 2008

Running the nice team

Dr. Bear points out the folly of building and running a football team by making all the right P.R. moves.

And I don't think it's a good idea for a football team to make moves based on what the fans will think. That way lies madness, elderly quarterbacks and the Green Bay Packers from 1968-1992. Cliff, you covered most of those teams, back when Bart Starr was drafting for character, not talent, and the Packers hung onto Starr for PR, rather than football success. (Do you think Dan Devine would have been given as many years as Starr was?) Follow that with another "alumni" coach in Forrest Gregg, and you can see how "PR" worked as a system for putting together a team.
I think the Favre situation could get uglier just because it's in Favre's $12 million interest to get uglier. And while I think Green Bay is nuts to trade Favre, it's in the in the best interests of the Packer organization to actually get something for him. That means it's in the interests of the team, too, for the situation to get uglier before it gets better.