Friday, July 18, 2008

James Wigderson and his critics

Jeff at Five Points offers his permission for me to weigh in on the Favre controversy:

I guess we all chimed in when his team signed TO or Pacman Adam Jones and we all had opinions back in the 90s when Michael Irvin was doing coke in hotel rooms with hookers and assaulting other teammates.

Which is fair because I was offering opinions when Mossy Cade went to jail, James Lofton hung out in hotel stairwells, Brett Favre was getting extra pills from somewhere for his Vicodin addiction, Mark Chmura was with underage girls and booze in a hot tub, Antonio Freeman and his friend had an interesting ride through Green Bay, and the Green Bay Packers drafted a defensive back who finished his college career by shooting at a car full of people. What a bunch of interesting characters, hey? I had plenty of opinions each time.

I realize Jeff probably didn't mean anything by his comment, but some Packer fans need to open their eyes a bit about professional sports and the men that play them. The "G" on the helmet doesn't stand for "good guys."