Wednesday, July 30, 2008

If Bauer builds it

Darryl Enriquez of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did some digging and discovered Chad Bauer, Waukesha's possible baseball franchise owner, is in the business of building stadiums. He probably started figuring it out when Bauer handed out his business card at the meeting last night. He builds and maintains stadiums.

Not a bad deal when you think about it. Pay your own company to build the stadium for your team, then pay your own company to maintain the ballpark. Ooh, then pay your own company to expand the ballpark. There's just no end to how much Bauer can make from his portion of Frame Park. He'll even make money if the team loses money and eventually folds, leaving Waukesha with a much bigger stadium, a permanently scarred Frame Park, and the new stadium's increased maintenance costs.