Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Complaint filed against Reynolds

Former State Senator Tom Reynolds' new venture Clean Sweep Wisconsin, created to recruit conservative Democrats to run for office in the Milwaukee area, has already drawn a complaint. At issue is whether the Clean Sweep Wisconsin had the proper disclaimers on their website, a relatively minor infraction. Curiously, the complainant has retained Democratic election attorney Mike Maistelman to file the complaint.

Normally a matter of not having the proper disclaimer is not that big of a deal, so it's curious why someone of Maistelman's experience and relative billable hours was hired for such a role, unless the the complainant was recruited by someone in the Democratic Party to make the complaint. Also, given Maistelman's previous experience with the state elections board, one has to wonder if the Democrats are planning on using the Government Accountability Board to make this issue bigger than it really is. Republicans may quickly learn what a bad bargain it was to create the new GAB.

By the way, the increasingly liberal Wisconsin State Journal headline is way overboard. Clean Sweep Wisconsin has filed with the state GAB including finance reports. "...alleges no disclaimer on website" would have been far more accurate and responsible.