Thursday, June 05, 2008

Zipperer announces

From the press release:

State Representative Rich Zipperer (R-Pewaukee) announced today that he is seeking re-election to the state Assembly from the 98th Assembly District. He was first elected to the seat in 2006 with 71% of the vote.

In making the announcement, Rep. Zipperer stated, “Two years ago I ran for the Assembly because I believed that the people of our great state, and our state’s economy, were being held back by high taxes and out-of-control government spending.” Zipperer continued, “With our state’s economy continuing to falter and the tax burden growing worse, that belief is stronger today than it was then.”

In his two years in the Assembly, Zipperer authored or coauthored a number of bills to reduce taxes and grow the economy, including retirement income tax relief, the Higher Education Tax Credit, and an across-the-board income tax cut. Zipperer took the lead on controlling wasteful spending by authoring the Earmark Transparency Act, landmark legislation that will force politicians to be accountable for their spending proposals and make it easier to stop wasteful pet projects before taxpayer money is spent. Zipperer also authored one of the few tax relief measures that became law last year, an increase in the college tuition income tax deduction.

“While I’m pleased to be able to say that I was the author of one of the only tax relief measures that became law this session, providing tax relief to families dealing with the ever increasing cost of higher education, far more needs to be done to help create jobs, grow our economy, and encourage our seniors and younger families to stay right here in Wisconsin. That will be my top priority in the next session,” concluded Zipperer.