Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Odd correlation of forces

The City of Muskego voted to allow a Super Wal-mart into their community, prompting outrage from the usual suspects. Helping a group known as "Muskego First" is left-wing lawyer and failed political candidate Ed Garvey. As a result of Muskego's decision, a recall effort is now underway against Alderman Noah Fiedler with help from Citizens for Responsible Government Network, the group largely responsible for recalling several members of the Milwaukee County Board in the wake of the pension scandal.

The City of Muskego has responded to all of this outside intervention by hiring Democratic election attorney Michael Maistelman. From the PM Update:

Maistelman & Associates LLC has been retained to act a legal counsel for the city of Muskego in the recall against Ald. Noah Fiedler. He's being targeted by a group upset over his vote in support of a Wal-Mart Supercenter in the city.

Maistelman & Associates is headed by attorney Mike Maistelman, who represented former Milwaukee Ald. Michael McGee Jr. in the recall against him last year and has been legal counsel for numerous other recalls.

According to the Muskego clerk's office, the firm was chosen due to Maistelman's specialized recall experience and is being retained to provide advice to the city clerk should any legal questions arise during the process.

Just to make the story more complicated, Cudahy's Mayor Ryan McCue is facing a recall effort because of his opposition to a Super Wal-Mart being built at the site of a failed ice arena. Leading that effort is... the Citizens for Responsible Government Network.