Monday, June 16, 2008

Funny, I thought the whores worked for the state department

As part of the effort to crack down on human trafficking, the State Department has ordered their staff not to hire prostitutes.

The notice sent to employees states:

“Combating human trafficking has become a central component of U.S. government foreign policy over the last several years…

“The United States is committed to eradicating human trafficking, which includes the exploitation of persons in prostitution through threat, force, fraud, or coercion…

“People who buy sex acts fuel the demand for sex trafficking. This cable serves as a reminder to all employees and contractors under Chief of Mission (CoM) Authority that irrespective of whether prostitution is legal in the host country, employees
should not in any way abet sex trafficking or solicit people in prostitution. DOS [Department of State] employees who engage in this conduct are subject to discipline.

Normally discipline costs extra.