Thursday, December 06, 2007

With so many odd people showing up, I'm surprised Miller Brewing wasn't a sponsor

San Francisco Republicans cancelled a straw poll (at $33/head) because too many Ron Paul supporters showed up. What were the San Francisco Republicans afraid of? That they might be perceived as weird?

From KCBS-AM radio,

A video has appeared on the Internet, showing members of the San Francisco Republican Alliance meeting at the Holiday Inn at Fisherman's Wharf on Wednesday night. The purpose of the meeting was supposed to be taking a straw poll to pick a favorite candidate. "We waited for the straw poll to come but it never came because so many Ron Paul supporters showed up," described Ron Paul supporter Jerry Cullen.

According to Cullen, the evening appeared to be weighted in favor of former Senator Fred Thompson, but when the doors were opened to latecomers, 75 Ron Paul supporters marched in. That's apparently when the star poll cancelled and the shouting began. The dispute because so loud that hotel security came to the room.

However, Alliance president Gail Neira insists the vote wasn't cancelled because Ron Paul appeared poised to win. "I would not have invited them if I didn't want them to participate," insisted Neira. "They just have to follow protocol." When asked what they did wrong, Neira replied "they invited people that I didn't even know. They're weren't on my list."