Thursday, December 27, 2007

Competition in other places, but the horns they're blowin' that sound

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting the number of competitive races at the county board already matches 2006.

If all prospective candidates get on the ballot, voters will have choices for County Board representation in areas of Brookfield, Oconomowoc, New Berlin, Muskego and elsewhere.

The potential nine contested races would match the level of competition in the 2006 elections. And there is still time for more candidates to jump into the fray.
Remember when they said nobody would want to run because of the "increased responsibilities?" Look at what's happened so far. Nine out of twenty-five races are contested (36%) vs. nine out of the thirty-five (26%) two years ago, then considered a high number. With the retirements and current county board members thrust into the same district we can likely see the beginning of a new competitive era at the County. Perhaps in four years there may even be enough votes to remove Jim Dwyer as County Board chairman.

Just imagine if the board had shrunk to eleven members.

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