Saturday, November 24, 2007

James Wigderson and his critics

From the Waukesha Freeman's Sound Off 11/21/07:

In response to the Nov. 15 column by James Wigderson, “Where should we get money for education?”

I become very angry when I read columns from people insinuating that anyone who wants to see an end to school district budget cuts must automatically want a property tax increase. Nobody wants a tax increase. But nobody wants to see the continual deterioration of our schools either. I’m a concerned parent in the city of Waukesha, and I attended the Nov. 15 Senate Education Committee hearing in Madison. I heard Ruth Page Jones speak from Project ABC (Advocating on Behalf of Children). At no time during her speech did she say she wanted an increase in taxes. In fact, she said the opposite. She answered the question: “Why does the community allow this to happen?” by saying: “No one in Waukesha wants to pay more taxes.” She finished by pleading with the legislators to fix the state funding formula and save our school districts.

The legislators need to work together and find the solution. It’s up to them to find a way to properly fund schools while keeping property taxes reasonable That’s their job. I appreciate that there is a group like Project ABC willing to step up and fight for the kids in this community. So, how can anyone call this irrelevant? Children are not irrelevant. If we don’t fight to give our children a quality education, who will?
*sigh* Ruth Page Jones is now in charge of a state-wide letterhead group that wants to increase state funding for schools 32%. Project ABC is now irrelevant to RPJ's goals. Oh, and repeat after me, "If they change the school funding formula, Waukesha will get less money and pay more in taxes."

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