Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Is that an expense receipt or are you just happy to see me?

When you travel for business, are there certain places that are off limits? Is paying the covercharge so you can get "free lunch" at Heartbreakers acceptable? Our friend StB ran into a milder version of receipt auditing when his dinner at Hooters was rejected.

Well today, I got word that my ultimate boss is thinking of contesting the charge. She spoke with my boss and is questioning it. When my boss told me, I started laughing.


I always wondered if someone would question such a charge, that they would not understand that Hooters if a family dining establishment. You go into any Hooters on a given day and you will see families in there eating. It is not some kind of strip club like people like to think it is. It is a regular restaurant that serves burgers, wings and beer. Only difference is most of the waitresses are pretty hot and wear outfits that show off their curves.
Yes, my ultimate boss thinks of Hooters as a gentleman's club and is considering making me pay for that meal. I am anticipating a phone call or an email from her. My first question will be why I cannot eat at a family dining establishment. Then I will explain the menu and maybe even send this pic to her. If she doesn't get it, she doesn't get it.
On the other hand, for most of us in the professional world handing in a receipt for Hooters would probably not endear us to the chain of command even if the expense was reimbursed. How much damage to your career path are you willing to endure for chicken wings, mediocre food and a waitress in a skimpy outfit?