Sunday, October 21, 2007

A cranky endorsement for Fred Thompson

Anger Central, the self-described "Angriest place on the web", has endorsed Fred Thompson for president.

Anger Central normally stays out of the political debates, with the exception of our Notes from Anger Central responses to some posted stupidity. This time we are announcing that Anger Central is backing Fred Thompson.

"Fred Thompson?!?" You scream in utter outrage. Yep, We're with Fred! Our reasoning is simple. Rudy Guiliani is another Bush in drag. His antipathy to the Second Amendment as well as his past statements and actions on illegal immigration preclude him from our support.

We've watched Mitt Romney for 4 years as Governor of Massachusetts. We weren't impressed. John McCain hasn't made a good choice since he banked left instead of right and ran into that missile over Vietnam. Most people don't remember, but he was part of the Keating 5, a group that helped a number of Savings & Loan companies basically steal their depositors blind. McCain wasn't indicted, but because of that his judgment has always been suspect. His hostility to the First Amendment is well known. (See McCain/Feingold campaign finance reform law)

Tancredo and Hunter are two others we could support, but neither one has any chance at all.

What about the Democrats?
On the traitor...err...Democrat side, Osama Obama is a flat out empty suit. He would like to surrender to Al Qeda and invade Pakistan. Hillary Clinton? Please! She is a greedy self-centered little tyrant wannabe who thinks the rules do not apply to her. By rights she should be cooling her heels in a federal penitentiary. John Edwards? In our opinion he is a flat out crook. The others are even worse.

If any of these bozo's became president, we really doubt that the U.S. would survive. A full scale civil war is not beyond the realm of possibility if these twerps get in.

Now, where does Anger Central stand politically? Over here more or less. :)

Actually, we tend to believe in a far smaller government at all levels, low taxes and a good strong military that blows away islamofascist scumbag terrorists. We also believe that if you are in this country illegally, you have no rights at all except to leave quickly. If you commit a crime here, a quick hanging will do nicely. Deploying the military along with civilian volunteers at the borders with orders to shoot on sight anyone crossing illegally would also be a good idea in our view.
Well, when you're angry, sometimes you're really angry.

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