Thursday, September 06, 2007

NFL predictions time

The Dallas Cowboys will be 12-4.
The Green Bay Packers will finish 6-10. Hey, that's better than the Redskins who will finish 5-11.

This year I offer the following disclaimer:

I am not a part-owner of the Dallas Cowboys. I am not the general manager or the head coach. I am not a scout, an assistant coach, a player, a trainer, a cheerleader, a mascot, a water boy, or even the hot dog vendor. I am not responsible for your fantasy football team, nor am I responsible for your office pool picks. If you ask me how the Cowboys will do this week I will tell you "they're a lock" even if the entire offensive line has been hospitalized with tetanus. If you ask me whether to start a player on your fantasy football team, I'll tell you to start him even if his jock itch has caused him to go blind.

I have no special insight into my team. Jerry Jones does not call me every day with an update on how practice went. The Dallas Morning News and the Fort Worth Star Telegram are both online. Go read them and leave me alone.

That being said, I like the Cowboys' chances this weekend.

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