Monday, August 13, 2007

Wouldn't it have been easier to remain a Lutheran?

When I joined the Catholic Church in 1992, I didn't say, "Okay, fine. I'm a member now. When are we making Martin Luther a saint?" It would have been silly of me, really, and as pointless in joining the Democratic Party and demanding it embrace conservativism.

Blogger Dad29 found this Kenosha News article about a woman who believes she can become a Catholic priest.

A Kenosha native, Iaquinta, 62, will be one of two women ordained as priests in the Roman Catholic Church Sunday in Minneapolis. The ordinations challenge what some Catholics see as an unjust religious law that discriminates against and keeps women subordinate in the church.

Representatives of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee feel quite differently. The unsanctioned ordinations are not in communion with the Roman Catholic Church, Archdiocese Communication Director Kathleen Hohl explained, because the Church has no authority to ordain women.

Archbishop Timothy Dolan has communicated with Iaquinta, who lives in West Bend, Wis. He asked her to reconsider her intention to participate in such a ceremony, writing in a correspondence to her that "the gravest canonical penalties would automatically be applicable."
Doing the math, she was 19 when she converted to the Catholic Church. She was old enough to know what she was doing. And now she wants to be a priest?

Dad29 comments,
It is fair to state that Ms. Iaquinta is another example of one who is 'educated beyond her intelligence', an honorific bestowed on Abp. Rembert Weakland by Mike Schwartz of the Catholic League.
I would add, "garbage in, garbage out." Whoever led this poor woman down this path did her no favors.