Sunday, August 19, 2007

I read liberal blogs sometimes for the good news

Because as much as I make fun of their bleak outlook on life, sometimes they pass along news that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Rail politics in Wisconsin has made city rail - - light, trolley or hybrid vehicles like those suggested, but also derailed for Milwaukee - - so difficult to achieve that the state's major cities will be the Light-Rail-Free-Zones of the US.
I feel like the Hyenas in The Lion King when Scar tells them they're going to get rid of Mustapha.
"No rail! No rail! No rail! No rail!"

Interestingly, while I'm positively giddy, Jim Rowen isn't. Perhaps he should read this post by former Madison Mayor Paul Soglin, and this one, and this one. Soglin, who accuses Republicans of "treason" because we don't give enough money to the road builders (I can't make this stuff up), and Rowen should have a debate some time. Despite living in the "suburban sprawl" of Waukesha they despise so much, I'll moderate if they want me to. It'll be nice to see left-of-center bloggers actually disagree on something. It would be interesting, too, to see how long it would take one of them to blame the White House for something.

Returning to our movie theme, if Scar had planned the food supply better, then wouldn't he have been the better king? After all, he was certainly more inclusive in that he brought the Hyenas (the only apparent minorities in the movie) into the Prideland. The young Simba cub probably would not have been a good king thrust into the role so young, reckless and immature. It's not like Scar had usurped a democratic regime; he usurped a hereditary monarchy. There was no objection to his seizing power after his brother's death and the disappearance of Simba. Nobody raised a voice of objection to the hyenas, even though the hyenas were the untouchables of the Mustapha reign. So, other than Scar's poor planning for the drought (which he seems to have answered by dispatching the lionesses to find new sources of food, something seriously neglected by the previous regime), why are we encouraging our children to cheer for the return of Simba to the Prideland?