Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dust jacket quotes

If Charlie Sykes was looking for some blurbs to put on the 2nd edition of the "The 50 Rules Your Kid Won't Learn In School", he could do worse than to quote this school superintendent from Iowa:

"It makes me angry," Bruckner said. "We should not give people like (Sykes) credit. These rules are basically 50 one-liners that mostly put people down."

She said she cringed at rules like, "You are not a victim, so stop whining" and "You are not entitled ..." because they struck her as demeaning.

Others, such as "The real world won't care as much as your school does about your self-esteem," struck her as gratuitous slaps at students, as well as the teaching profession.
Gratuitous? Nothing gratuitous about it. It's particularly directed at people like her. It sounds like her parents could've used this book when she was a child.

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