Saturday, July 21, 2007

Looking for a dishonest man

Owen Robinson has found where Mike Tate ended up after running a deceptive campaign for Fair Wisconsin. Tate is now working for Governor Jim Doyle's re-election.

Tate's tactics were criticized by both sides of the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage that passed last November for being intentionally deceptive. Jay Bullock wrote at the time,

But this script is wrong--not quite as wrong as bussing{sic} in homeless people to hand out phony and deceptive voter guides calling the Republicans' marquee candidates Democrats, but wrong nonetheless. Fair Wisconsin has a strong message of fairness that needed to be reinforced today. At the very most, a reminder that this amendment would prohibit the legislature from implementing civil unions, something a wide majority of the state is actually in favor of. I have a hard time believing this script really could have tested well enough that Mike Tate (hi Mike! I still like you as a person!) and the gang would risk leaving this kind of a sour taste in our collective mouth on election day.
Mike Mathias, while defending the calls, still called it "dirty pool".

Tate should fit right in with the Doyle people.