Saturday, July 14, 2007

Crossing the lines

Milwaukee Magazine's Tasha Paradies looks for an explanation for a "long-running fued" between Eugene Kane and Jessica McBride.

Kane says he thinks pundit Charlie Sykes egged her on. “He never has been able to get the best of me, so he needs a female robot to do it,” Kane jabs. Sykes punches back: “What a surprise. Kane is a sexist as well as a racist. Who knew?”
I think there's certainly a large element of sexism in the blog criticisms of McBride, and judging from the reaction of the women commenting at Jessica's site she's not the only one experiencing it.

I think it's the violations of identity politics that most offends male liberal bloggers and liberal columnists. If you're a woman, you should be a certain way. If you're a journalist, you should be a certain way. If you're a member of a university faculty you should be a certain way. etc. It's pathetic patronizing, and gives no credit to an individual for being able to think on her own.

Jessica crosses so many of those types of lines of identity politics that the vitriol she inspires is just staggering. And while there are valid criticisms of what she writes, and even some fun ones, I don't think I have ever seen a mention of her that didn't attack her in some personal way. Kane's comment to Milwaukee Magazine is just one more variation of the theme.

BTW, I still prefer the chicken.

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