Monday, May 14, 2007

Radio is cleaning up the nation

Meanwhile, on another front WMC is launching a more targeted radio ad,

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce unveiled a new radio ad Monday urging state taxpayers to oppose the gross receipts oil tax in the state budget that will drive up pump prices by at least 5 cents a gallon.

The plan, according to the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, results in escalating gas tax hikes as prices go up and as more gas is sold. The gas tax hike is included in the state budget introduced by Governor Jim Doyle, which includes $1.7 billion in higher taxes and fees and allows property taxes to increase $1.2 billion.
Some in the legislature are behaving like deer trapped in the headlights but maybe these new ad campaigns will put some steel in their spines. They just have to remember what kind of Republicans we expect them to be.

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