Saturday, May 05, 2007

Oh good, the less rational McGee is getting airtime

Marquette Professor John McAdams has received a press release from Jerrel Jones of WNOV stating known misogynist and cancer on the community Alderman Michael McGee Jr will now be hosting the one hour of air time his father purchases while McGee Sr is suspended "indefinitely."

Oh yeah, there's a solution that will make everyone happy. This is the great moralist Tim Cuprisin described?

Contact numbers: Jerrel Jones 414/899-1719.
WNOV's fax number: 414-449-9945

Still missing from the press release, how long is "indefinitely?" Just until Jones thinks nobody cares? Until McGee Jr has his dad on as a guest? Until McGee Jr adopts another secret identity?

Update! 5/6/07 11:14 Oh look! Somebody finally asked Jerrel Jones how long is "indefinitely".

Jones would not say how long "indefinitely" might be.

"Forever is a long time, and I don't want to say something that I may not be able to deal with," he said Saturday. "But I do want to make it clear that he won't be on anytime soon."