Monday, May 21, 2007

Kid sprayer

I'll split the royalties with anyone who can afford to make this for mass production. I guarantee we'll be so rich we can afford liberal guilt.

It's that time of year when almost all of us are spraying toxic chemicals on our lawns. The chemical companies now have spray bottle attachments that we can hook up to our garden hoses that allow us to spray our lawns in just the right mixture without having to dilute the spray ourselves.

However, what we really need is a child shampoo hook up. We need a sprayer for those days when the kids get really dirty but you don't want them even to go into the house to get to the bath tub. Picture it: the two-year-old is covered in melted cherry popsicle? Hose her down. The six-year-old has been dragging his toy truck through a mud puddle? Hose him down. Picnic lunch followed by playing in the sandbox? Hose them down.

The product would be great for parents, grandparents, babysitters, even aunts and uncles. No more worrying about what the kid is going to track into the house. No more worrying about sticky doorknobs.

Remember I thought of it first.

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