Saturday, May 19, 2007

Alleged cop killer also alleged illegal alien who spent time in HUBER program

*Jessica McBride has discovered that the alleged cop killer in Kenosha is also believed to be an illegal alien with a criminal record.

She asks,

Can't we all at least agree that the illegal immigrant criminals should be identified the first time they offend? Furthermore, will the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial board and the MSM now acknowledge that all illegal immigrants are not in this country to "do the jobs Americans don't want to do"?

The death of heroic Sheriff's Deputy Frank Fabiano Jr. was preventable. That's because his accused killer should not have been in this country in the first place. The criminal justice system in Wisconsin and other states had ample opportunities to realize that 1, he was here and 2, he was a criminal.

Can we now all agree that illegal immigration is not only a federal issue? There is some economic benefit from illegal immigration. There is also a human and financial cost that most of the MSM simply refuse to tally.
You'll want to read her post to see the history of this person's contact with the law, all opportunities to have kicked this person out of the country before now.

*corrected to remove, "In what may be her last post from the WTMJ-AM site..."

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