Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Two reactions to Governor Doyle's State of the State

State Representative Rich Zipperer (R-98th Assembly District):

“Tonight Governor Doyle presented his ideas for making Wisconsin a better place. We heard about many new programs and initiatives—from a task force on global warming to creating yet another new state agency—but we didn’t hear about how to pay for all these new programs or how to put Wisconsin on a path to control spending, lower the tax burden and eliminate the budget deficit.

I agree with Governor Doyle that Wisconsin is facing many challenges in the next few years; from creating jobs and remaining competitive in the global economy to improving our schools and keeping the UW System a world-class institution. We have real challenges before us that we can work on together.

I look forward to debating and working on all these issues in the months ahead, and hope that debate will also include ways to control spending, lower the tax burden on Wisconsin families and put Wisconsin on track to eliminate the state budget deficit.

We need to balance the checkbook before maxing out the credit card again.”
State Senator Ted Kanavas (R-33rd State Senate district):
How the times have changed; in his 2003 State of the State Address, Governor Doyle said, “Going forward, my mind will be open to every solution -- except one. We should not -- we must not -- and I will not -- raise taxes.”

So much for keeping promises. The tax and spend philosophy is alive and well in Madison and Governor Doyle has a long wish list of initiatives. Our families cannot endure the burden of the governor’s old fashioned liberal spending spree. I question his judgment if he truly believes our economy and our families will prosper by raising taxes.

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